Making Dreams Come True: Companies Willing to Donate Raffle Prizes 2024

Cheap Raffle Basket Ideas:

It is essential to be budget-friendly when it comes to raffle baskets, in order to make sure you increase the value of your fixed-price proceeds.

Gift Card Basket

Baskets with gift cards are a low-cost and convenient option to provide your attendees with a variety of choices within one raffle basket. It’s a simple and efficient method of putting the gifts you’ve collected!

In collaboration with local restaurants or retailers as well as other local businesses You can put together an attractive raffle basket that people will would like to purchase.

Go through the donated gift cards by companies willing to donate raffle prizes 2024 and put together items that appeal to everyone:

Ice cream stores


Cards for athletics and sports

Local eateries

Music cards for Music providers

Electronic stores

Certificates to travel or enjoy entertainment

If you’re contacting local businesses to request gift cards make sure you remind them of the companies willing to donate raffle prizes 2024 which are set to open their location from the winner. It’s win-win for everyone!

Subscription Basket

Subscription raffle baskets can be a fantastic idea for fundraising events which don’t need to break the budget.

The procurement team at your company can collect a variety of subscription certificates in one basket, or divide them into different baskets with additional items, such as movies snacks or an alcoholic bottle.

The cheapest options are streaming entertainment services such as Hulu or Netflix and cost $5 to $15 per month. There is also the option of getting an extra premium experience with wine clubs or meals service kits, which are generally more expensive.

Lottery Ticket Basket

Lottery tickets are gifts that will keep giving.

Lottery baskets for raffle tickets are as inexpensive or expensive as you’d like (props for your team if you go to the max with winning a Powerball ticket!) And, when set up in a way that is engaging, can seem like a great opportunity to earn some money!

Additionally, as that the person who wins this basket is guaranteed to receive an unknown sum of cash, a majority of participants at fundraisers view buying the lottery basket as a guaranteed way to reduce the cost of their tickets.

Handy Helper Basket

The most cost-effective type of raffle basket is one that is free which makes useful helper baskets an absolute delight.

All you require is someone within your company (or outside your company) to bid on their handyman services for the day.

Common items and services in the helpful helper raffle basket are:

Running errands

Yard work and landscaping

Babysitting services

Pet sitting, pet walking

Light construction or carpentry can help.

Plumbing or electrical work

Computer or technology assistance

Video or photography services

Raffle Basket Ideas for Schools:

Raffles are a great option for schools, and the options are limitless to ensure fundraisers for schools. achievement.

School’s Out for Summer Basket

The majority of school fundraising events involve parents along with administrators and teachers.

If you’re planning to host your school’s fundraising event during the summer or in the fall an summer fun raffle basket is perfect for families with kids. It is also quite simple to put together.

The following items are a fantastic School’s Out raffle basket:

Beach toys


Pool is a pond that floats


Beach towels


Snorkel gear

Craft tools

Certificates for Kids Camp

Bubble supplies

Outdoor concert tickets

Cooler (you could even turn the cooler into a basket) will all be placed in this raucous, child-friendly basket.

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