Wholesale Manicure Tables: Where to Find the Best Deals for Your Salon

When setting up or upgrading your salon, finding the best deals on manicure tables is crucial for managing your budget while maintaining quality. Wholesale options can provide you with affordability without compromising on style and functionality. In this article, we’ll explore where to find the best deals on wholesale manicure tables for your salon.

1. Salon Furniture Suppliers:

Many salon furniture suppliers offer a range of nail tables at wholesale prices. These suppliers specialize in salon equipment and furnishings, ensuring that you’ll find options designed specifically for the needs of your salon.

2. Online Marketplaces:

Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have a vast selection of wholesale manicure tables. You can compare prices, read reviews, and often find deals on new or used tables.

3. Beauty Trade Shows:

Attending beauty trade shows can be an excellent opportunity to discover new suppliers and explore a wide range of manicure table options. Trade shows often feature exclusive deals and discounts for attendees.

4. Manufacturer Direct:

Consider buying directly from manufacturers, especially if they offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders. This option can cut out middlemen and potentially result in cost savings.

5. Salon Equipment Warehouses:

Some cities have salon equipment warehouses that specialize in providing salons with furniture and equipment at wholesale prices. Visiting a local warehouse can allow you to see the tables in person before purchasing.

6. Salon Equipment Distributors:

Distributors work with various brands and offer wholesale prices to salons. They may have a range of options to suit your salon’s needs and budget.

7. Online Wholesale Platforms:

There are online platforms specifically dedicated to connecting salon owners with wholesale suppliers. These platforms provide access to a wide range of manicure tables from different manufacturers and suppliers.

8. Social Media and Forums:

Online communities, forums, and social media groups for salon owners can be valuable resources for finding recommendations and deals on manicure tables. Members often share their experiences and insights.

9. Local Business Associations:

Consider reaching out to local business associations or chambers of commerce for recommendations on local suppliers or distributors offering wholesale deals on salon furniture.

10. Negotiate Bulk Discounts:

When you find a supplier or manufacturer that meets your requirements, don’t hesitate to negotiate bulk discounts. Many sellers are willing to offer lower prices for larger orders.


Finding the best deals on wholesale manicure tables for your salon requires research, comparison, and negotiation. By exploring the options mentioned above and considering your salon’s specific needs, you can secure quality tables at affordable prices, helping you create a stylish and functional environment for your clients while managing your budget effectively.

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