Real Madrid wins 80%!Casino Web Site Odds Analyse Why Atletico Madrid Is Always Underrated

The Champions League final featured a derby match in Madrid.Real Madrid is stronger than Atletico in terms of popularity, but Atletico Madrid with their tenacity, even Barcelona Bayern became a giant killer.From the current 온라인바카라 odds, Real Madrid’s advantage is not obvious.Nearly 10 games between the two sides, Atletico only lost 1 game, the winning rate up to 80 percent!

Real Madrid’s 1 to 2.45 is not going to win.

At present, there are three world-recognized Big Mac clubs: Barcelona, Bayern and Real Madrid.The three teams also dominated the casino website’s Champions League odds list for a long time.As big-name families, they face Atletico Madrid, will become the lower odds side.But the defeats of Barcelona and Bayern have sounded alarm bells for Real Madrid: the so-called low-payments, which are mixed with too much popularity.

Barcelona’s 1.53 win-loss ratio against Atletico Madrid and Bayern’s 1.61 win-loss ratio against Atletico Madrid’s 2.45, but that doesn’t mean the big three have a big advantage over each other.

As we have mentioned, gambling company 우리바카라 for a team’s positioning, is mixed with popularity, absolute strength and many other factors.The accumulation of popularity represents the “betting intuition” of the vast number of idle families and is particularly important.Because there are too many objective situations: as long as the idle family heard the name of the prestigious team, it will inevitably create the illusion of good.

What’s more, the Champions League final, Real Madrid 1 to 2.45 lead is already very weak.If the popularity gap is smoothed out, relying only on absolute strength, can Real Madrid still be in the low-loss side?It can be seen that Real Madrid’s home game.

Casino website tracks Madrid derby: Atletico wins 80%

Looking back at nearly 40 Madrid derbies, Real Madrid has 21 wins, 13 draws and 6 losses.But when we narrowed it down to the last 10 games, we found that Atletico had the upper hand with five wins, four draws and 1 loss.It is worth mentioning that in these 10 games, Real Madrid lost 80%, walked 10%, won only poor 10%, in absolute disadvantage.

From the current opening of the casino websites of major gambling companies, Real Madrid reluctantly gave up half of the water, and 1 to 2.45 odds of winning not much difference.Plate mouth can try to read like this: China’s position has smoothed out the extra points of home and away factors, and Real Madrid as a clear popular advantage, should give way.But the flat semi-high water is actually only a line away from the flat plate low water.Real Madrid seem to be conceding in order to let the plate go, because it is obviously unreasonable not to let the plate go.

It’s scary to see even half the water, but if you look at Atletico in the next set, you can only win a poor half if you get even half the water.Considering that Atletico have lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League final, it is difficult for Atletico to attract too much goodwill.In regular time, Atletico have the strength to deal with Real Madrid to the end, even to the top of Europe.

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