Communication Made Easy With a WhatsApp

Everyone may now enjoy واتس اب الذهبي, one of the coolest features that allows users to upload videos and photographs for their friends to see in lieu of a simple text-based status update. On cellphones all across the world running Android, is, and Windows, this feature is operational. A few days ago, the business revealed WhatsApp’s new Status, which was entirely inspired by Snap chat’s Stories.

The update was recently applied to WhatsApp. Because it is now available within the program itself, you won’t need to download the feature from the Google Play Store in order to utilize it. Although people from all over the world are known to update Status, in the past it was typically a monotonous text-based item that nobody bothered to understand or value.

You can now quickly control who can view your Status update on واتس اب الذهبي thanks to the new feature. There is a personal privacy option right at the top of WhatsApp’s tab. “My contacts,” “contacts,” and “your new status” are your three options. The Status Personal privacy setting is unquestionably present in Android’s setups. On the WhatsApp homepage, tap the three dots. You’ll find a Status Privacy option at the top. You can choose from the three choices once more.

You can also respond to someone else’s update. There is a reply key that allows you to comment on any image, video, or GIF. Your message will now be submitted with a WhatsApp thumbnail of the Status upgrade as soon as you touch reply. It has not yet been decided whether that message would also be removed after 24 hours.

You may see the little, spherical heads of your pals with a blue circle around them below the personal Status. This green circle indicates that they will also have a “status” that you may check out. To stay in touch with one another, you will need to keep tapping in these places for updates.

How to Remove Status

Although status updates vanish after a day, you have the option to erase yours sooner if you’d like.

Touch the three dots next to the update button on the Status screen, then tap the update you want to delete and select the delete icon.

Activating the Status Mute

To prevent a status from appearing near the top of the list on your own Status screen, you can quickly silence it.

To mute an update, simply press and hold it until the option appears, then select Mute.

You can unmute any muted statuses by going to the Status panel, scrolling down to the Muted Statuses section, and tapping and holding the update you want to unmute.

To test its new feature, the corporation had sent the upgrades to a small group of users. The business has already uploaded its modified version onto Google Play for trial use. Later, users had to regularly check specific websites for information relevant to their region. The updates could also be obtained from another source. It was done by going to the business website and downloading the apk file. People utilized it to download the latest version and provide comments. WhatsApp made certain adjustments to the new functionality in response to user input in order to win final clearance. Finally, a stable version of WhatsApp with voice calling capabilities was released.

To use WhatsApp’s voice calling feature, customers can download the most recent version from the official website. Even though some smartphones have WhatsApp version 2.12.5, users must download and install the most recent version 2.12.9 to fully utilize this feature. On the firm website, users can discover instructions for activating the new facility and installing the latest version.The user will receive a new three-tab layout with Calls, Chats, and Contacts functionalities after enabling this feature. To place a call, they must go to the Calls tab and tap the phone symbol. They would see a contact list after touching the phone icon, from which they could choose a person to call for their first online call. They won’t be able to see other users who have this new application loaded in their contacts list because this feature is not supported by older versions of WhatsApp. A few months later, the business added phone call support to iOS6, another well-liked mobile platform. Users who use mobile devices from other platforms may have to wait a little bit longer.

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