The Real Problem With DAF Truck Air Processing Units

Throughout recent years we have seen an impressive expansion in guarantee claims concerning the Air Handling Units or Air Dryer Units fitted to DAF trucks in the UK. The majority of these cases seem, by all accounts, to be in regard of the bigger DAFs, specifically the CF85 and the XF95, but any DAF truck fitted with these Air Handling Units appear to be powerless to a case. A large portion of the guarantee asserts that have been submitted to us have been dismissed because of serious tainting, specifically oil stores from the Air Blower which is the significant reason for disappointment with these units. While trying to battle this issue the vehicle producer has suggested that the Air Dryer unit be migrated alongside different changes, contingent upon the vehicle model to oblige a bigger Air Dryer Channel. The old channel part number is 1391510 and it is to be supplanted by 1681575. This channel, not just diminishes dampness going in to the air framework yet additionally channels any oil fume subsequently decreasing defilement. As I would see it this is unconventional, exorbitant to the vehicle proprietor and doesn’t resolve the genuine issue polymer dosing system eventually lies with the Air Blower.

There will constantly be some oil fume anyway unnecessary oil will in any case overcome especially when administrators neglect to change the channels consistently enough. At the point when a DAF Truck requires a substitution Air Handling Unit the Fundamental Seller or parts provider ought to demand that the old unit be returned and reviewed for over the top tainting, but this could be considered to be satisfactory assuming that the unit had been in help for various years and that any development of carbon had been gradually moderate. The Air Dryer’s silencer, by and large is a decent marker with respect to whether there is overabundance oil passing out of sight framework, a light tidying that is matt in appearance is viewed as typical while thick glossy stores would be thought of as strange. It is additionally worth calling attention to that at whatever point we have provided both the Air Dryer and Air Blower together no issues were capable from there on. Different administrators have acknowledged that their DAFs have idiosyncrasies, this being one, and that assuming the Air Dryer channels are changed routinely, issues seldom happen.

All Parts providers have a commitment to illuminate Clients regarding the likely issues of not guaranteeing that the Air Blower is of acceptable condition and that all conveyance pipes very high Dryer are spotless and liberated from any impediment. This likewise covers the Provider should a future guarantee be made. Tragically the expense of supplanting the Air Blower and Air Dryer is with the end goal that numerous administrators will decide to disregard the reason (Air Blower) and supplant the issue (Air Dryer) and keeping in mind that a brief fix is accomplished it is inevitable before the supplanted unit is creating some issues thus the guarantee cycle starts.

Accordingly the inquiries are:

Is it a severely planned unit in any case?

Is the Administrator completing the essential checks and normal overhauling?

Are the Air Tanks being depleted consistently?

Are the Vehicle producers and the Air powered brake makers singing from a similar psalm sheet or is there a distinction of assessment?

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