What Features Should the Best Vape Mod Have in 2022?

The first thing you’ll notice while exploring the website of a reputable manufacturer like Innokin if you’re looking for a vaperelx mod in 2022 is that there are many options accessible. Since vape mods have been around for a while, producers have had plenty of time to perfect the devices and develop a wide range of items to meet all potential needs.

This article will guide you through the purchasing process if you’re new to vape mods or if you haven’t purchased a new vape mod in some time and aren’t sure what’s new. While some features of vape mods haven’t changed much over the past few years, some aspects have undergone a total transformation as a result of the unrelenting march of technology. We’ll explain everything to you in this article.

When searching for the top vape mod in 2022, keep an eye out for these aspects.

A modern user interface should be included on the best vape mods.

One of the aspects of vape mod design that manufacturers like Innokin have advanced the most in recent years is the user interface. Variable wattage, temperature control, custom power curves, bypass mode, and other features have all been introduced to vape mods, making it more challenging to provide consumers with a method to access those options with nothing more than a few buttons and a small screen. Manufacturers have addressed these difficulties by enhancing the size and brightness of their devices’ displays, removing unnecessary functionality, and developing new, more user-friendly user interfaces.

Look no further than the Innokin GOZEE for the ideal illustration of a vape mod with a contemporary user interface. A simplified user interface on this device makes it simple to access the settings you want, such the wattage, the puff length limiter, and the puff counter, while eliminating the options you don’t need. You can quickly and easily examine your current settings thanks to the sizable color display.

A good vape mod needs to be very durable.

You probably never left the house without a pack of cigarettes in your pocket when you were a smoker, and you anticipate that using a vape mod will be similar. Your vape mod will be with you wherever you go, so choose one that can withstand the daily knocks, scrapes, and mishaps of life. We have led the way with products like the Innokin Adept vape kit in terms of improvements to the best vape mods’ durability over the past few years.

Because of its great shock resistance, the Innokin Adept can endure accidental drops on the majority of hard surfaces. The IP67 standard for protecting against water and dust penetration is also met by the Innokin Adept. The device can survive immersion in up to one meter of water for at least 30 minutes and is impervious to dust thanks to its IP67 certification.

Another example of a vaperelx mod with a simple user interface is the Innokin Adept. By eliminating the guesswork that could potentially make the experience less enjoyable for people who are new to vaping, it automatically chooses the best operational power range based on the resistance of the inserted atomizer coil.

The Form Factor of a Vape Mod Should Meet Your Needs

A typical vape mod has a box-like shape that resembles a cigarette pack in certain ways. But there is a lot of space for customization within that form factor. Vape mods with one or two batteries, integrated or removable batteries, can all be found.

• Compared to mods with removable batteries, built-in battery vape mods are typically more compact, lighter, and less expensive.

In comparison to single-battery devices, dual-battery vape mods have greater power ranges and longer battery life. They are bigger and heavier, though.

The vape mod that best meets your criteria in terms of size, mobility, power, and battery life is the winner. You might pick a gadget with two batteries if you want the longest battery life and broadest power range that a vape mod is capable of providing. It’s important to remember, though, that many users no longer need dual-battery vape mods thanks to the most recent mesh coil vape tanks. In most situations, having a dual-battery device is totally unnecessary because a mesh coil tank can generate massive vapor clouds at relatively modest power levels.

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