Car Buyer Club – 7 Reasons Why This New MLM Company is Attractive to Marketers and Consumers

Marketers researching current, unique business opportunities, as well as people in the market for a new car purchase in the foreseeable future, would do well to look in auto verkopen voor export   the direction of the Car Buyer Club. I was introduced to the Car Buyer Club recently, and discovered that this company, now in its pre-launch phase, is poised to help revive the American auto industry. A noble goal indeed and what impressed me was the way they put together a win-win solution for everybody – marketers and car buyers of course, but car dealers and manufactures as well.

With an estimate of over ten million new cars sold annually, you might say there’s no shortage of market potential. Take a simple compensation plan, and combine it with great income potential, and it’s well worth a look by entrepreneurs and serious marketers alike. Here are seven reasons that I feel the Car Buyer Club offers those looking to make big money, some unique advantages.

Membership in the club is just a one-time fee of $27, which includes your first income/marketing position in the 120 person payment matrix. Members in the matrix can earn referral fees of between $50 and $300, which recoups their membership fee pretty quickly.

There are no starter kits, replicated websites, or expensive marketing tools to buy.

Members only need to sponsor one other member, however, if they personally sponsor two additional members, they become eligible for maximum compensation. No need to sponsor hundreds of people for a significant income.

No auto-ships, on-going monthly purchases or annual payments required. Now you may be wondering about the product. It’s a 31% rebate certificate, which when earned, is given away to a new car buyer. What this does is allow the new car buyer to get a much better deal than anything currently out there. The member gives the certificate away, the resulting purchase is made, after which, they receive a $100 referral fee.

This is a quick-earning, non-residual program. This means money can be earned in a relatively short period of time, but there is a maximum payout amount for each marketing position.

Although a closed payout position could be viewed as somewhat of a negative, there are, however, no restrictions on the number of marketing positions one can own.

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