Zero Point Magnetic Power Generator – How to Build Your Own Magnetic Generator by Yourself


Given the hazardous outcomes of the “Global Warming”, various Governments and environmental bodies world over are stressing on use of clean sources of energy. Definitely  magnetic power bank for iphone people want additional energy but not through conventional modes such as coal which cause harm to the environment. One such source of clean energy is Zero Point Magnetic Power Generator. What is more interesting about this process of power generation is it can be used right from your home.

Zero point magnetic power meters use magnetic force to move the turbine and generate power. Since it does not need any fuel, it is by far the cleanest form of electricity. It is not only clean but also helps to save money on your electricity bill. The magnetic properties are utilised to generate free electricity for the household.

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Zero point magnetic power meter uses the magnet and magnetic force to generate perpetual motion. A perpetual motion machine is one that runs indefinitely and generates larger amount of energy than it consumes. It thus produces free energy without the need of a third party device to power it. It is just like any other standard generator however except of the fuel, zero point magnetic power meter makes use of the magnetic properties. It works by magnets which are placed at right places on and around the turbine causing it to spin. Next important question arises is, “How to build the Zero point magnetic power meter?

It largely resembles a standard transformer with slight change in basic design by incorporating magnets which is permanent and actuator coils and. This magnet remains at the magnetic core’s centre point and produces magnetic flux that’s moves in the central component and it extends in magnetic paths (both right as well left). There are input and output coils extending from the magnetic core. The driving current through the input coil reduces the flux level generated from permanent magnet. The magnetic area in movement result in coils charge thus once it is positionedamong2metalplates, the magnetic flux in evenly produced. the magnetic flux moves in the direction of that plate, When the current passes across the input coil, thus magnetic flux changes. Typically magnetic alloys being used in the development as they’ve the potential to swap magnetic fluxes swiftly.

The working principle and the design of the Zero point ma

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