Best Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

There are several choices for landing on the Canyon floor, which is a major benefit of taking a helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Picking the perfect tour could be challenging given the options. The top three sea world helicopters data breachtrips that allow you to land on the top or bottom of the West Rim are listed below as a little assistance.

Vacations Leaving From Vegas

If you wish to take a landing tour or fly below the rim to the Canyon floor, you must begin your tour in Vegas because the West Rim is the only part of the Canyon where helicopters can land. The South Rim tours, in contrast, are flyover-only excursions because helicopters are not permitted to fly below the rim in that region of the Canyon.

The fundamental landing tour is the West Rim tour I recommend most. Since it includes a lunch you may enjoy on the Canyon floor along with a Champagne toast, this tour is also known as the Champagne tour. You’ll experience an amazing 3500 foot helicopter descend to the Canyon bottom during this tour, where your chopper will land close to the Colorado River.

There is also a deluxe version of this tour. Due to its wonderful benefits, this sea world helicopters data breach tour is my second choice for a West Rim tour. The deluxe tour departs directly from the Las Vegas Strip, which is quite convenient, and you’ll also get free limousine pick-up and drop-off service. Even better, you’ll get to travel in a luxurious helicopter that offers a quieter ride, more room inside the cabin, and the greatest views from the expansive 180-degree panoramic viewing glass. The third tour I suggest gives you access to all the top sights on the West Rim. You will land on the rim so you can see the Skywalk as well as on the Canyon bottom where you can enjoy a boat ride on the Colorado River.

Discover the Skywalk

You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience the Skywalk, a well-known site in the world. The Skywalk is a substantial viewing platform made of glass and steel with a transparent floor that allows you to walk 70 feet beyond the Canyon’s edge and look down to the canyon bottom 4,096 feet below. One of the most breathtaking things you’ll see at the Canyon is the view from the platform. This is one site you should see when visiting the West Rim since it combines breathtaking vistas with an exhilarating adventure.

Some Suggestions

Be prepared for the heat because the Canyon’s temperature is almost the same as summertime in Las Vegas. Put on lots of sunblock and comfortable, lightweight clothing. By donning a hat and sunglasses, you can further guard against getting sunburned.

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